MONTCLAIR, NJ - Nearly 500 Montclair residents assembled outside of Montclair Library on Saturday to march across town in solidarity. As they walked up Bloomfield Avenue to Valley Road holding signs, demonstrators chanted, "Love Not Hate," "No Hate, No Fear, Everyone is Welcome Here," and "This is What Democracy Looks Like."

Many passersby honked their horns in support the movement, others left their homes and joined in the line.

They walked to their destination of Edgemont Park and arrived just after dusk, in time to hold a candlelight vigil, with many holding the flashlight of their cell phones in lieu of candles. The demonstration was following the election of Donald Trump, in a town that voted by overwhelming majority in favor of Hillary Clinton. However, organizers state that the march is not so much about politics, but about promoting positivity, diversity and peace.

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Organizer David Singh said in an earlier message promoting the march, "In the wake of the election, several folks from Montclair have gotten together to organize a community march... To be clear: this is not an anti-Trump rally with a 'not my President' message. Rather, it is positive, peaceful march to promote diversity, togetherness, strength, inclusivity, unity, and bridge building."

By the time the demonstrators arrived at Edgemont Park, it was dark out and there they gathered for a vigil before dispersing an hour later (see below).