MONTCLAIR, NJ - When clearing away the snow, don't forget to clear snow at least three feet in every direction from your nearest fire hydrant.

Clear a path from the hydrant to the street as well. 

Clearing the snow now can save precious time should the fire department need to respond to a neighbor in need. 

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Community Services crews have plowed all township streets at least once; a number of streets have been plowed several times.

Crews will be back on the roads later this afternoon, once snowfall has ended, to push back any additional snow and to brine roadways.

Property owners are reminded once again: DO NOT DEPOSIT SNOW ONTO ROADWAYS.

Snow-blowing and shoveling snow from walkways, driveways and sidewalks into the streets, plowing driveways into the streets, cleaning snow off of vehicles into the streets is AGAINST THE LAW per township ordinance 297-33.

Code Enforcement officials are out enforcing ordinance 297-33 so that clearing operations may be done efficiently and effectively. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.