MONTCLAIR, NJ - Cinnamon, a long-time Montclair Animal Shelter denizen, simply couldn’t seem to get a break.

The Australian Cattle Dog mix became very distressed at the shelter and fell into a pattern of anxious jumping and barking whenever potential adopters visited the dog area. Certainly not the best behavior for showcasing all the love and affection she has to give.

All that jumping caused an injury to her ACL and she needed surgery to repair it.

Friends of the Montclair Animal Shelter (FOMTAS) -- a non-profit organization that helps raise money for the shelter -- spearheaded a search for a foster home for Cinnamon so that she could get plenty of rest in a quiet environment and not damage her ACL any further.

Many Montclair animal lovers responded and a temporary home was secured. Unfortunately this first foster family had too many stairs in the home, which Cinnamon couldn’t help but want to climb. So it was back to the shelter for her.

Thankfully, this was for only a brief stay because a loving couple opened their hearts and home to her for many months. With plenty of couch time and lots of TLC, Cinnamon’s leg healed so well that surgery was no longer necessary. But the blissful situation soon came to an end when the couple encountered real estate issues.

Shelter volunteers and staff started a social media campaign to try to find yet another home for Cinnamon. They didn’t have to go far afield -- shelter volunteer Kathy Crow and her extended family took her in and gave her a wonderful new home -- and a new couch.

So many community members stepped up to the plate to help Cinnamon find the life she truly deserves. Long-time friend to the shelter’s animals Joel Tabor, of Montclair Feed and Pet Supply, arranged with quality pet food manufacturer Merrick Pet Care to provide a high protein grain-free diet for Cinnamon for an entire year – a $600 value. Cinnamon is on a special veterinarian-prescribed, restricted diet due to serious skin allergies. Joel’s and Merrick’s generosity have helped make Cinnamon’s life so much better.

If Cinnamon could talk, she'd thank all the shelter workers, volunteers and community members who went above and beyond to ensure her well-being. They'll have to settle for knowing the once anxious and injured dog is happy and loved.

In the world of animal rescue, it definitely takes a village.