MONTCLAIR, NJ - The Montclair Township Council met in the second floor conference room on Tuesday.

Three residents who were in attendance addressed the council. One resident questioned the need for a parking study, another asked for an update on the two-hour signage for Tremont Place ordinance, and a third provided shelter-related news.

Resident Sandy Sorkin said, “How will the parking study in Montclair differ from the parking studies done in towns around us? I don’t know where there’s a unique component of our parking inventory and it seems we could quite easily look at the townships all around us to see what they have done, ask them how well it has worked for them and adopt whatever mechanisms they have chosen.”

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He also inquired if the work product was available to view the anticipated outcomes.

Tremont Place resident Angela Huff missed the council’s previous meeting and asked about when signage would be posted, after learning an ordinance had already passed.

Acting Township Manager Tim Stafford said she could contact his department for more informaton.

Animal Welfare Advisory Committee Vice Chair, Dr. Nancy Katz said the council “made a big difference” at the Montclair Township Animal Shelter.

She said 60 pets were adopted in the month of July. A few pets, including a cat who had been living at the shelter for five years, was adopted as a result of the shelter partnering with local businesses.

“It helps the business bond with customers.” She explained the program offers businesses around the shelter posters, stickers, and photos of feline and canine residents.

She announced a new volunteer, who works in public relations, is spearheading an “Orange is the new black” initiative slated for August 15 and 16.

“Does the shelter have a working budget?,” Katz asked as well as wanting clarity on the advisory positions added to AWAC for Verona and Nutley. She concluded, “Without your support this never would have happened.”

The council also heard from Juliana Belscak, who announced the Graz Sister City 65th Anniversary Dinner and October trip to Graz. Belscak handed out chocolates and bottles of wine from the Graz region in Austria to the council.

The council also discussed parking regulations and restrictions at 83 Walnut Street, proposing handicapped parking of the 137 feet of curb from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.; the Hackensack University Medical Center and Mountainside Hospital redevelopment plan bringing a consultant to the conference table, only permitting head shops in commercial district, and a supplemental debt statement.

The council shelved a senior center discussion for the Aug. 25 meeting.

All ordinances placed before the council were passed.

All Resolutions placed before the council were passed.

Councilor Robin Schlager asked if a resolution authorizing execution of an agreement between the Township and Partners for Health Foundation had received funding before, adding how great to see a partnership supporting local taxi drivers and companies.

After introducing an ordinance amending land use procedures and zoning up for discussion on Aug. 25, Stafford brought Tony Fan, Montclair's new Director of Information Systems, to the conference table.  

Mayor Robert Jackson concluded the evening by moving into executive session to discuss personnel.

The council will hold its next regular meeting on August 25, 7 p.m., in Council Chambers located at 205 Claremont Ave.