MONTCLAIR, NJ - "Sleazy and Tasteless" are just a few of the words Montclair residents have used to describe the logo of the newest Montclair ice cream shop. 

Dairy Air Ice Cream Co., located at 521 Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair, has recently come under fire since Nutley resident Amy Tingle posted her thoughts on her personal Facebook page.

Tingle wrote:

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An open letter to the new ice cream shop in Montclair. I will also be dropping off a hard copy at their location today. I urge anyone who feels the same way to cut and paste my words and send one yourself. This is not okay.

"To the owner and the marketing team at Dairy Air,

I am writing to you to ask you to reconsider your logo design and to remove it from your packaging, storefront, marketing plan, etc. It is offensive and sickening. A hyper-sexualized, obviously female cow with her ass upended and poking through a circle, tail raised up, waiting for what? I’m not sure, but I do know that I am repulsed and offended.

This kind of marketing scheme is the reason we currently have a sexual predator in the White House. Because we have let ideas like this one pass with approval again and again and again. Because women (and men) have sat passively in marketing meetings and have not spoken up when ideas like this one are presented. Because no one spoke up in your marketing meeting and said, “This is wrong.” This is offensive, not just to women, but to husbands and fathers and brothers and uncles and grandfathers who are trying to raise strong young women in a culture that continuously sexualizes them rather than treating them equally, with dignity and respect. Instead of making girls and women feel safe and authentic, we are made to feel - by ads and logos like yours - as if we are things for someone else’s sexual use.

Sell your ice cream on its own merit. Sell your ice cream because it is delicious. Sell your ice cream because it is unique and it is made in a way other ice cream isn’t made. Sell your ice cream because it is a good product sold at a good, fair price point. Do not sell your ice cream by selling me out, and by selling out my collective body of women allies. Do not sell your ice cream by sexualizing us.

Reconsider your logo design and take some time to honestly consider the feelings of women in Montclair and the surrounding area, this country, the world. Consider the young girls and boys who will step through your doors and consciously or subconsciously believe that this is kind of sales pitch is okay.

It is not okay. It has never been and will never be okay."

While many have come out in support of Tingle and echoed her views, others have taken this opportunity to personally make derogatory comments about Tingle. Some have even questioned why she would go after another business owner before she spoke directly with them.

NJ101.5 devoted an entire segment to discuss this and questioned Tingle's motives after discovering that she sells, what they called, "sexualized art" in her gallery. Jocks went as far as to call Tingle a "hypocrite" before inviting the public to buy ice cream from Dairy Air.

Dairy Air officials could not be reached for comment during the time of publication. However, a TAP reporter spoke with an unnamed employee of Dairy Air, who stated that the owner's young children were being targeted in a nearby school district, after news of the controversy broke.

Tingle, who owns a Montclair business Creativity Caravan located at 28 South Fullerton Avenue
Montclair, stated that she now wants to invite the public to have a discussion on the topic. After news of the story broke, Tingle wrote the following: 

"I'd like to invite anyone who has been following the controversy around the ice cream store logo to come to our space on Saturday at noon for a face-to-face discussion about the issues, both small and large. I know why it has triggered my own rage and upset, but I'd like to hear from others - whether you are angered by it, upset, and see the larger ramifications on a society that demeans and abuses women constantly, or you don't get it or think it's funny. Come by and let's talk. I'm weary of all this cross-posting and re-posting and commentary here in this Facebook black hole. I'd love to look into your eyes and listen to what you have to say. Men, women, children - all are invited to this deeply necessary conversation. Join me and Maya in our space and let's talk respectfully and honestly to each other about the sexualization of our society. We'll bring the coffee."