MONTCLAIR, NJ - At the top of the Montclair Township Council conference meeting on Tuesday, a proclamation was made recognizing Mt. Hebron Assistant Principal Major Jennings for his achievements inside the classroom, on the court and as a family man.
Jennings’ educational career spans 19 years of teaching and coaching, Councilor Renee Baskerville said. He coached Montclair High School’s varsity basketball team, the girls’ volleyball team, and taught technology at Mt. Hebron. Jennings has served as Mt. Hebron Asistant Principal since 2012. 
Jennings received a standing ovation as he accepted the proclamation from Councilor Baskerville. 
Mayor Robert Jackson applauded his commitments to family. 

Jackson called Jennings a “man’s man.”
“There’s no one better for our kids to be modeled after,” he added. 
Baskerville followed up the mayor’s comment, causing laughter, smiles, and applause from council members, residents, and Jennings’ family and friends attending the hour-long meeting. 
“Don’t forget behind every good man is a great woman,” she added. 
The Council then addressed ordinances and resolutions. 
All ordinances placed before the Council were passed.
A new business ordinance switched the source of funding for refurbishing the sanitary sewer system from bonds to the Capital Improvement Fund while two others established bus stops, 7 a.m to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday, at Church Street between Bloomfield Avenue and South Park Street, and designated the bus stops’ Northbound side a no parking zone.
Councilor Sean Spiller asked the town manager about the traffic ordinances. 
“What role does the NJ Transit have?”
Acting Township Manager Tim Stafford explained NJ Transit comes to the town when they desire new bus stop locations, and in some cases the township reaches out. 
All Resolutions placed before the Council were passed. 
A resolution cancelled around $5.9 million in debt from the capital fund for general school, water, and sewer utility improvements, Acting Township Manager Stafford said. 
Chief Financial Officer Padmaja Rao clarified for Councilor Baskerville two resolutions were adding a step where approval would be sought prior to dispersing funds for pursuing affordable housing and council-related drug awareness activities. 
The Council then heard from Town Engineer Kim Craft in regards to several resolutions. 
Jackson also asked Craft about Green Acre Farm funding for Edgemont. “Are we ever going to get this back during this century?”
Stafford and Craft said they would follow up. 
Baskerville inquired as to whether the area near the Orange Rd. bus stop would also receive LED stop signs. 
Craft confirmed there would be one at Orange Rd. in addition to two or three per elementary school, amounting to more than 15 signs. 
Councilor Rich McMahon added he heard the newly installed stop signs, featuring blinking lights at each one of their octagonal sides, at Walnut and Grove were receiving positive feedback.  
Township Attorney Ira Karasick asked the engineer the cost of said stop signs. 
She said each one would amount to no more than $7,000. 
Baskerville replied, “money well spent.”
Responding to a resolution authorizing applying for a grant and executing a grant contract with the New Jersey Department of Transportation for Municipal Aid, Jackson implored applying for more grants. 
“After this year, the transportation fund is dried up. It’s gone.”
Jackson concluded the evening by asking the acting town manager to update the Council on the creation of handicapped spaces at St. Luke’s Church, hiring a tax attorney, and the shuttle to the ShopRite of Brookdale. 
Stafford responded to the mayor’s shuttle inquiry by stating he was negotiating the budget, of which the town would incur charges for hiring the senior activities buses’ drivers, discussed at the Oct. 6 conference meeting
Stafford added the health department will hold a flu vaccination clinic on Nov. 4 from 2 to 6 p.m. at 205 Claremont Ave.  
The Council will hold its next conference meeting on Oct. 10, 7 p.m., at the Municipal Building. 
Update: An earlier version mistakenly identified Jennings as a Principal. He is Assistant Principal of Mt. Hebron.