MONTCLAIR, NJ - As part of the Distracted Diver Program at Montclair High School, the Montclair Fire Department, Montclair Police and Montclair Ambulance will conduct a simulation accident scene with persons trapped on May 21 between 8:30 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. Once the drill has been completed the two cars will be placed on the lawn in front of Montclair High School.

The scenario will be as follows:

Driver one is a 17 year old traveling North on Midland Ave they will start to veer into the South Bound Lane and strike Drive-2 then continue on and run over a 15 year old person riding a bike and they will become trapped under the vehicle. Driver 1 ends hitting the tree next to the driveway to the park and comes to a rest. 

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Driver-1 will be hysterical and combative with police when they arrive. She will at one point be handcuffed and Mirandize in front of the students then place into a patrol car.

Driver 2 is a 40 year old and will be traveling South on Midland Ave when they are struck by Drive -1. The vehicle will flip onto its driver side and come to a rest in the middle of the street facing south.  The Driver will be trapped in the vehicle.

This Driver will be extricated and transported by Montclair Ambulance.

Bicycles will be a 16 year old riding south on Midland Ave sidewalk when Driver-1 strikes them and they because trapped under the vehicle.

Bicycles will be extricated from under the vehicle and pronounced DOA at the scene by Paramedics.

If at any point that a real emergency arises during this drill the Drill Coordinator will announce over all 1st responders radios and to dispatch this is not a drill all units stop operations.  The drill will stop until the emergency has been mitigated. Then the Drill Coordinator will decide if the drill could continue.

After each transmission over any radio the statement (This is a Drill) will follow.

Police response-

2-3 Patrol Cars one that will go to Driver-1 and take control the others will start to access Driver-2 and the bike under Drivers 1 car.   After the Paramedics check the person on the bike and say that they are DOA that is when Drive-1 will be placed under arrest.

Fire response-

Eng-1 and Tr-1 will come from HQ and stage on Midland by Chestnut St facing North, Eng-2 will stage on Midland Ave by Brunswick Rd facing south. They will all respond when dispatched. 

EMS response-

They will all stage on Chestnut by Walnut behind the Fire Dept. and will respond with the FD when they are dispatched.


8:30 a.m. all Drill Coordinators will meet on Midland Ave side of the High School

8:45 a.m. the road will be closed

Roaches Towing will arrive with the cars and set them up per the diagram

9:15 a.m. all shift Commanders will arrive and will review the scene and meet with the Drill Coordinators  

9:30 a.m. arrival of dignitaries

9:45 a.m. Start staging PD FD and EMS at the pointed locations

10:00 a.m. Fire Coordinator will contact dispatch over the FD radio that the drill will begin

10:05 a.m. the Police will be dispatched to the scene then Fire and EMS.

10:45 a.m. the drill will end and cleanup of the scene will begin.

11:15 a.m. the drill will be secured

Drill Coordinators:

Fire Official John Thomas

Sergeant Stefanie Egnezzo

Chief Jaime Simson