MONTCLAIR, NJ - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report the 2014 Ebola epidemic "is the largest in history." As a result of growing community concerns, the Montclair Health Department has issued the following announcement regarding Ebola in the United States:

The Montclair Health Department is currently monitoring the Ebola virus detected in the United States. We understand that this situation can be alarming, however, the Department reminds the public that Ebola infection is the result of direct contact with blood and body fluids of an infected individual. It is NOT spread by casual contact or through the air, water or food.

The Department has been working closely with its partners at the NJ Department of Health (NJDH), as well as partners within Essex County. We continue to be daily kept abreast of the developing situation and participate in NJDH and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conference calls. The township Public Health Nurse is vetting information from the federal level to share guidance for clinicians to properly evaluate anyone who is demonstrating symptoms and has a recent travel history to the affected countries in West Africa.

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You can only get Ebola from touching bodily fluids of a person who is sick with or has died from Ebola, or from exposure to contaminated objects, such as needles. Ebola poses no significant risk in the United States.

Download "What You Need to Know about Ebola" fact sheet.