MONTCLAIR, NJ - The following blotter was issued by the Montclair Police Department on June 5, 2018:


05-29-2018 (Seneca Place) Theft of two bicycles from a residential garage.
05-29-2018 (Fulton Street) Burglary to a residence. Access was gained by removing an unsecured air
conditioning unit. A laptop was taken in this incident.
05-30-2018 (Walnut Street) Theft of a wallet and sunglasses from an unlocked motor vehicle.
05-30-2018 (Park Street) Theft of a license plate from a parked motor vehicle.
06-01-2018 (Wilfred Street) Theft of loose change and cellular phone accessories from two unlocked
motor vehicles.
06-04-2018 (Glenridge Avenue) Theft of a food order from an unlocked food delivery vehicle.
06-05-2018 (S. Fullerton Avenue, Anjiru Studio) Burglary to a commercial establishment. Cash was taken
from the register in this incident.