MONTCLAIR, NJ - Recent spike in theft of items from motor vehicles has Montclair Police issuing a warning residents to lock their car doors. Nearly two and a half dozen vehicles were entered, and in some cases, items stolen, within the last week between July 5th through the 10th.

On July 7, officers observed and arrested a 53-year-old woman from Orange after she entered an unlocked vehicle on Brooklawn Road. Officers stated that she attempted to steal from the vehicle. Karen Hill was subsequently charged with burglary.

The following message was sent to residents:

"Montclair Police Department reminds all residents to lock their vehicles while unattended. We also advise against storing valuables in the passenger compartment of vehicles.  We have been experiencing an increase in thefts from motor vehicles across the township. The area most affected is Valley Road and its neighboring streets in the northern end of town.  In almost every reported incident, the vehicle targeted had been left unlocked."