Montclair, NJ – At Tuesday’s Montclair Council meeting a freeze on rent increases was adopted from May 1 to August 1, which is unenforceable and unconstitutional because it is retroactive, despite that The Montclair Property Owners Association pledged to not raise rents during the Pandemic 50 days ago on April 7th.   

According to the release, the Committee says this act "demonstrates the willingness of the Council to expose the entirety of Montclair to unknown, unexamined consequences in order to curry political favor with a special interest group of tenants." 

The Montclair Property Owners Association committee consists of Montclair residents Steven Plofker, David Genova, Suzanne Miller, Paul Weinstein and Brandon McEwen.

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According to the release, they say that they refuse to participate in the charade of speaking at the inaccessible, unreliable and poorly managed virtual Council Meeting to debate this issue.  Instead, we have committed the Montclair Property Owners Association to support the Committee of Petitioners, which is pursuing Citizen Government through Referendum, a right provided by state law.  

A Committee of Petitioners has been formed pursuant to state statute in Montclair to repeal a recently adopted rent control ordinance and has sued the Township of Montclair in a 5-count complaint filed today in the Law Division of Essex County Superior Court. The complaint seeks to protect their right to engage in referendum activity and to enjoin the Township from implementing the law until the state of emergency has eased so that Petition Signatures can be collected for Referendum. 

The committee further states that the Township has sought to frustrate the Committee’s efforts by refusing to share voter contact information at a time when the Committee is prevented from going door-to-door to collect signatures, which is an absolute and profound perversion of the obligation of government. 

Registered voters in Montclair are invited to visit where they can inform themselves about the rent control ordinance and the context in which it was adopted, and electronically sign a petition that will place Rent Control on the November ballot.  Residents of Montclair can register to vote online at and will then be qualified to sign the petition.  

NOTE:   Any petition signed previously cannot be used and will not be accepted by the town.  Residents who want the issue to be voted on must fill out the on line petition that appears on the website.