JERSEY CITY, NJ - Louis S. Pine of Montclair was charged with aggravated manslaughter and vehicular homicide in a Jersey City Court Friday. Pine, 39, is being charged after a 49-year old passenger in the other vehicle suffered a fatal heart attack following Pine's crash in the Lincoln Tunnel. 

According to reports, it is alleged that Pine may have been speeding on September 2, 2014 when his BMW crashed into a Mercedes bus. Seven injuries were reported, one of which was fatal. A passenger in the other vehicle, Steven Benevento of Summit was rushed to the hospital after going into cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead in a NYC hospital a few hours after the accident.

Pine was indicted on July 7 and appeared before Hudson County Superior Court Judge Sheila Venable Friday where prosecutors allege that Port Authority Cameras clock Pine traveling over 90 miles per hour upon impact. 

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Pine's bail was set at $250,000. He is scheduled to appear again for his formal arraignment. 


Editor's note: The deceased victim was traveling in the vehicle that Pine crashed into.