WORCESTER, Mass.—Emma L. Frank, from Montclair, a rising senior at is helping to bring the first International Mural Festival to Worcester from Aug. 26 to Sept. 4. 
Her project is funded by Clark’s Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP) initiative. The festival is projected to attract 10,000 visitors to the area.
Frank is Clark University senior who is working as assistant project manager. 
Worcester’s mural project, Pow! Wow! Worcester, will feature the curation of approximately 10 murals by local and international artists and other events including an artist talk, an art fundraiser, and musical performances in downtown Worcester. 

Frank spent much of the summer recruiting and training volunteers, organizing food drives at local supermarkets, and working with restaurants and local businesses to arrange for meals to be donated for participating artists, university officials announce.
“Worcester is a multidimensional place with a multidimensional history,” wrote Frank. “Planning such a large-scale development project in a diverse, international, multicultural city requires the involvement of a lot of individuals from different fields with different perspectives. The best part of this project was being able to get a view of Worcester from each of those different perspectives."
“This job has prepared me in many ways for my future, in that I have gained a variety of skills needed to work in an office environment, but also needed to work in any environment where there are people,” she added.
Frank’s career goals involve becoming a social worker, getting her doctorate, opening her own private practice, and becoming an expert in the field of psychotherapy and counseling, according to university officials.
Frank will embark on her senior year studying the psychology of gender, sexuality, and families. She has recently completed an internship at New York’s Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy. 
Frank will be writing her thesis this coming year on Gendered Roles within Female Same-Sex Long Term Relationships.
“As a person with two mothers, I am grateful for this opportunity,” she wrote.   Frank is the daughter of Jeanne Lessner and Debbie Frank of Montclair.
Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP) is Clark's effort to advance liberal education, linking a deep and integrated curriculum with opportunities to put knowledge into practice in order to prepare students for remarkable careers and purposeful, accomplished lives, officials explain.
Now in its fifth year, LEEP projects have helped Clark University students pursue funded and directed problem-based summer projects. The projects offer real-world application of course material and provide an opportunity to engage with professionals outside of the University.  
This summer, Frank was among more than 100 undergraduates who were awarded LEEP Fellowships to pursue projects ranging from international social action initiatives to internships with leading corporations. LEEP Fellows devote approximately 150 hours to their LEEP Project and participate in workshops on professionalism and project management.  
Founded in 1887 in Worcester, Massachusetts, Clark University is a liberal arts-based research university.