MONTCLAIR, NJ – Residents participated in a festive celebration of healthy living at Glenfield Park on Saturday.  The 9th Annual Community Health Fair was organized by the First Seventh Day Adventist Church of Montclair (SDA). 

Attendees and vendors gathered inside and outside of the Wally Choice Community Center.  The Health Fair offered a wide range of appropriately-targeted health screening tests to identify potential health concerns at no charge to attendees.  

Dr. Nancy Louis, a Physician Assistant at University Hospital in Newark, is also the Health Director at the First Seventh Day Adventist Church located at 15 Elmwood Avenue in Montclair.  She has been organizing the Health Fair for the past 9 years at Glenfield Park. 

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Dr. Louis said, “Every year we have a Health Fair.  We provide free hearing tests, eye exams, dental exams, blood pressure/blood screening.  We also have a blood drive, weight and body fat analysis.  We have vendors here to help enroll people in Medicaid or to help them apply for health insurance so that they can have access to health care.”

During the celebration of healthy living, residents were given heathy food choice options such as fruit smoothies, water, healthy meals and feresh fruit which much of the food items were donated and served by the Community Food Bank of Montclair.  In addition to live music and free food in a festive atmosphere, there were over almost two dozen vendors present. 

The SDA Health Fair made advanced health screening tests available in a convenient one-stop way for residents. They offered a wide range of mobile health screening vendors that catered to the needs of the community. The health screening tests help identify abnormalities that may lead to a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm and cancer.

Among the vendors present, there were an array of services provided.  Community Outreach Nurses from HackensackUMC Mountainside conducted blood pressure screenings.  Karen Bade, R.N., Community Health Nurse, said, "This is a wonderful event and Mountainside Hospital has been participating for many years." 

Other vendors included the Horizon Mobile Unit, Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Future Mobile Unit completed dental exams, Clara Maas, St. Barnabas Medical Center checked bone density, NJCRI provided HIV testing, Community Blood Services received blood donations, Cancer Screenings were conducted by Barnabas Health Clara Maas Medical Center and Dr. Ulysses provided foot care.  Massages were also given to attendees by Davis Integrated Medicine while several other vendors also provided massages to attendees, and much more.

“If people want a one-stop shop where they can come every year to have themselves checked out,  then this is the place to come. We’re not going to just let them go if something is abnormal, but we are going to refer them someplace,” added Dr. Louis.  “They do not need to give insurance or ID.  We don’t ask questions because we just want people to get their tests done.” 

Health screenings are essential to a healthy lifestyle because the sooner a threat is detected, the higher the success of treatment and the lower the risk of complications. The annual SDA community health fair offered several free health screening options to ensure attendees are provided with a comprehensive understanding of their health. 

Pastor Paula Olivier, of the First Seventh Day Adventist Church of Montclair, said, "We do a health fair every year as part of our continuing service to the community. We are trying to be a church that's not just about service, but about servicing people.  This is something that we look forward to every summer." 

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