MONTCLAIR, NJ - Township of Montclair officials have announced some enhancements to the recycling program.

In the Township of Montclair’s on-going efforts to enhance its recycling program, the Department of Community Services has announced some new additions to the list of recyclable items, as follows:

As a reminder, in Montclair we collect two separate categories, or “streams”, of household recyclables:

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1) Mixed Paper, which includes newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office paper, boxes, cardboard, and other clean dry paper; and

2) Commingled, which is the metal, glass, and plastic bottles and cans.

In the past we had to limit our accepted plastics to only those marked #1 or #2 in the recycling logo – found on the bottom of all plastic containers. Virtually all plastic bottles (and jugs) are marked #1 or #2.

Beginning Monday, November 6, we will begin including #5 plastics – typically found in yogurt cups and some other food containers – in our recycling collection.

Additionally, poly-laminated paper beverage containers (milk and juice cartons), and aseptic packaging containers (typically small juice and drink containers popular with schoolkids, and for other liquid foods), should now be added to the Commingled mix; they must be empty and flattened, with caps or straws discarded.

Current volatility in the recycling industry world-wide means that towns must ensure that there is little or no contamination of the recycling stream, so that the value of our recyclables is preserved, while reinforcing their efforts to promote recycling participation by residents. 
“Recycle Right!” Only place proper recyclables in your recycling bin. Never include plastic bags (they are accepted at Whole Foods Market). Residents can always find recycling information in the Community Services section of this website. When in doubt, throw it out.