MONTCLAIR, NJ - Bright and early on Saturday, April 22, the Montclair community came out to attend an interactive workshop on various types of fitness activities ranging from Zumba, yoga, boot camp and calisthenics, to working with a physical therapist. The event was made possible by Hackensack Meridian Health Mountainside Medical Center and the Women’s Health Advisory Committee.

The enthusiastic attendees ranged from those just wanting to start an exercise routine to seasoned, fit, gym-goers. “This was a great way to start my fitness routine with special friends and the community,” said Lorraine Castelli. Her friend Donna Mokis chimed in, “Great opportunity to experience different types of fitness in a fun, relaxing environment. We got to have fun and get fit!” Not to be left out, Sherry Diana added, “I enjoy exercise and this was a great way to learn new ways to stay fit and have fun at the same time.”

The fitness instructors all shared their wisdom on the importance of exercise and being healthy. Zumba instructor Eve Kalloudis explained how music heals, and dancing and moving to music is a win-win. “It doesn’t get any better, everybody leaves class so happy, and you can see it on their faces.” Yoga, which originated in ancient India, brings together physical and mental practices for well-being. “Yoga relieves our stress and helps us develop the ability to manage our lives in a calm way so anxiety doesn’t overcome us,” explained Lucy Ocampo. Bootcamp instructor Kirk Charles said his workout could be physically strenuous and reminded everyone to work within their own means, but to work out every day, consistency is key. And Aaron Henriquez, who held the calisthenics workshop said he uses exercise as a tool “To aspire and inspire to live.”

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“Spring Into Fitness provided a wonderful opportunity for people to try different kinds of exercise – for free – and discover which ones best suited them. We are very grateful to the Salvation Army for allowing us to use the gymnasium at Trinity Place for the event,” said Gayon Hyatt, M.D., MPH, member of the Women’s Health Advisory Committee. “And, thank all the instructors for giving up their Saturday morning to start people on their road to wellness.”

Eve Kalloudis, Zumba

Lucy Ocampo, The Essence of Yoga

Kirk Charles, Fit Forever

Ed Haddican, Mountainside Medical Center Physical Therapy

Aaron Henriquez, Fit By Aaron

John and Dawn, Fleet Feet

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