MONTCLAIR, NJ - According to breaking news reports, Montclair firefighters battled a car fire located at 82 Greenwood Avenue on Wednesday evening, thus closing nearby streets.

Sometime around 6 p.m., Montclair firefighters rushed to the scene to prevent the fire from spreading any further. The fire was extinguished rather quickly, however, Walnut Street and Claremont Avenue were closed until the investigation had been completed by fire officials.


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Deputy Chief Robert Duncan provided insight into the incident. He stated that on January 11, at 5:49p.m. the MFD received a report of a vehicle fire in the rear of a home on Greenwood Ave. 

He said, "Units arrived to find a car with a fire in the engine compartment.  The fire was extinguished very quickly.  The cause of the fire was an electrical short in the engine compartment."  

Editor's note: Breaking news reports, which can usually be based on eyewitness accounts, indicated that the fire may have appeared to spread to the home. However, Duncan clarified that the fire did not spread to the house.