Ilene B. Price is pleased to announce the release of her first book, “The ABC’s of Non-Consent.” Whether you are a parent, an educator, or counselor, this approachable 40-page, short illustrated poem is intended to be used as a tool to help prompt discussion about what is, and what is not consent, using examples and scenarios that a teenager or young adult may find themselves in.

In today’s world, young people of all genders need to understand sexual assault and what constitutes consent. Teenagers begin experimenting with sex as they enter adolescence and teaching them that only “yes” means “yes” at this formative time in their life is critical. Imagine a time when the #metoo movement is a thing of the past. “The ABC’s of Non-Consent” was written for the purpose of helping facilitate these difficult but necessary conversations.

Ilene says, "I’m an artist, designer, creative soul and the founder of Ilene Price Design. Each of these roles has been instrumental in designing this book; but I have written it as a parent, which is my most important job of all.”

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The ABC’s of Non-Consent” is currently available to purchase in paperback format on

Ilene B. Price, founder of, is an artist, designer, creative soul and mom, known for her mandalas, doodles and other whimsy. She studied graphic design at the University of Arts in Philadelphia and worked in the field for many years before turning to art in the form of watercolor and ink mandalas and other scribblings. Her artwork is a combination of the composition, symmetry, and color she learned in design, mixed with her organic and whimsical line work. "The ABC’s of Non-Consent" is her first foray as an author.

Ilene is a member of the Creative Women’s Collective and The Artisan Group®.