MONTCLAIR, NJ - Amazing Lash Studio in Montclair has set out with a mission to improve the lives of women with the gift of beauty. The newly opened business celebrated their grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on January 12, while at the same time, presenting Oasis, a women's program, with a donation.

Owned by NFL agent Elaina Watley, Amazing Lash Studio is located at 644 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair and caters to a mostly female clientele. Watley says that she chose to give a check to Oasis during her Grand Opening for one primary reason, "... because I wanted to give back to women."

Amazing Lash Studio is a franchise for eyelash extensions.

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Five years ago Watley started Brand Infinite, a sports publicity and marketing agency based in New York. Now she says that she chose this particular business as her next venture so that she could give back with the gift of beauty.

Watley added, "There were hundreds of businesses that I could have opened..." She continued saying that she loves her lash extensions and when realizing that they were an important fixture in her life, she said that she wanted to also open a business that would be able to give back to and support women, in the process.

"I really wanted to make a difference in the community and especially within women," she said.

As for her other business called Brand Infinite, geared toward brand imaging, Watley manages the image of professional athletes and other high-profile clientele. “My approach to brand management is unique,“ says Watley. “I encourage my clients to do community service in areas that are important to them and work on building a pathway to a second career, as a sports career is not forever.”

Most notably, Watley is the agent for Victor Cruz the wide receiver for the NY Giants, and she sits on the Board of the Victor Cruz Foundation. After meeting in high school, Cruz and Watley were engaged in 2014 and have a young daughter together. However, relationship aside, Watley has earned her way in the world by also consulting with major advertising agencies, having built a strong presence in the marketing and business world on her own merit.

Watley credits Rising Tide Capital, located in Jersey City, as the catalyst for sparking this desire to enter the beauty industry. Rising Tide empowers talented entrepreneurs to grow life-changing businesses, and this is what Watley set out to do.

“I’ve been getting my lashes done for nearly 10 years and love them,” Watley shared.

During the Grand Opening ceremony, Watley's mother was in attendance. Karen Washington Watley, a retired school teacher, was beaming with pride as she stood beside her daughter during the ceremony. Watley said to the crowd of about two dozen that she was insoired by her mother and learned early on to give back to others. Also in attendance was Real Housewives on NJ star, Siggy Flicker.

"It's always been in my heart to make sure that I give back to the community," added Watley.

In conversing with Watley's mom, her mother spoke of teaching in the Passaic Schools and inspiring her students to do the same. 

Passaic native, Watley did just that during her own Grand Opening ceremony, she presented a check to Oasis NJ, an organization which serves women and children in need through compassionate programs designed to feed, clothe, educate, and empower them. Based on her volunteer work at Oasis, Watley launched a business that would empower women as customers, and as employees, helping them feel good about themselves and providing career opportunities to improve lives.

Jennifer Brady, who serves as Executive Director of Oasis, said, "Because Oasis has programs to help raise women out of poverty in a really holistic way and because she's from the Paterson/Passaic community, she [Elaina] chose Oasis. We're really honored."

"I think we'll use it to support our adult education programs. We have about 600 women and children who come to us every day," expressed Brady. For adults, Oasis offers high school equivalency programs, ESL classes, workplace readiness programs, and computer training. "There's always more need to be met," she added.

Watley is also already becoming involved in the Montclair community. She was recently named to the board of Montclair BID (Business Improvement District), a noted organization promoting Montclair businesses and community and is a new member of the North Essex Chamber of Commerce. NECC President and leaders were present at the ceremony and presented Watley with a plaque.

Holly Kaplansky, President of NECC also was in attendance. She said that she came to support the opening of this new business, as Watley is a new NECC member, "The hamber is a great way to network with other businesses, get out in the community and let people know that you're around. It's a great way to really build relationships."


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