MONTCLAIR, NJ – As the weather forecast has predicted, the recent snow storm has significant accumulations. Therefore, Montclair residents are reminded that the parking ordinance 327-25 has been activated to facilitate snow removal on public streets which prohibits parking on public streets.

According to recent weather forecasts, a mixture of snow, sleet and rain is expected to fall throughout the day on Saturday, January 24th with an expected snow accumulation of about 4 inches. Monday’s forecast calls for an accumulation of snow between 2 and 3 inches. 

According to the ordinance, vehicles are prohibited from parking on public streets during a snow event as well as parking a vehicle so that it extends into the roadway when it snows. The regulation applies when any accumulation of snow completely covers the roadway and obstructs road markings.

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Even after the snowfall ends, the parking prohibition will remain in effect until the entire block of roadway has been cleared of snow.

These regulations also apply to County roads, as Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. has also issued an advisory for County roads, as well.

“Our Public Works crews work around the clock to ensure our County roads are passable and safe. Asking residents and motorists to not park their cars on County roads makes it easier for our plows to remove snow from curb to curb and our salt trucks to spread salt to melt ice,” DiVincenzo said. “Getting the roads clear of snow and ice as soon as possible after Saturday’s storm is critical in helping us prepare for the second storm on Monday,” he said.

“We encourage our residents to remain safe during these upcoming snow events and only travel if it is absolutely necessary,” the Executive added. 

DiVincenzo also reminded property owners and residents to help maximize public safety by not shoveling or plowing snow from their private properties onto county roadways. Snow removed from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots should be kept on-site.

Township Reminders:
  • Daily overnight parking permits may not be used when streets are snow covered. The ordinance also applies to metered parking areas during the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  • Vehicles with handicapped placards/plates remain legally parked, however these vehicles may not be parked in the same location for more than 24 hours. If at all possible, other parking arrangements should be made to keep the streets clear for plowing.
  • On-Street Parking Permit Holders: We encourage you to park in a municipal lot. Hourly limits and meter fees at the municipal lots and the Fullerton Parking Deck (located next to the Park Street YMCA) will be waived when snow accumulations are greater than two inches and until 24 hours after snow has stopped falling. The Cresecent and Bay Street Decks will not be open for snow event parking.
  • On streets where overnight permit parking is allowed, the following regulations will go into effect during a snow event:
  1. On even calendar days night permit parking shall be allowed on the North and East sides of the street.
  2. On odd calendar days night permit parking shall be allowed on the South and West sides of the street.
  • The date which determines on which side of the street to park is the VIOLATION DATE during the 2:00AM – 5:00AM window when enforcement officers are out. THE VIOLATION DATE IS JANUARY 24, THEREFORE PARK ON THE NORTH AND EAST SIDES OF THE STREET TONIGHT. Night permits only allow residents to park on the street until 9:00 AM therefore these vehicles MUST be cleared of snow and moved off the street by 9:00 AM so that snow removal can begin those sides. Vehicles should be removed to area parking lots while streets are being cleared and may resume parking on the street only when the snow has been completely cleared and snow has ceased.
  • One-time use/daily scratch off permits are prohibited during a snow emergency and vehicles displaying these types of permits will be ticketed and removed from the roadway under ordinance 327-25.