SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - A motor vehicle accident on Friday night in South Orange that resulted in an overturned SUV was the second overturned vehicle that day (there was an overturned vehicle in Maplewood near Columbia High School early Friday morning), and the third in two days, as there was an overturned car on Prospect Street in Maplewood on Thursday afternoon.

All three accidents required extrication of occupants from the vehicles by firefighters.

According to South Orange Fire Chief Daniel Sullivan, there was an accident involving two SUVs at about 11 p.m. on Friday night. One of the SUVs was traveling east on South Orange Avenue and was in the turn lane to turn onto North Wyoming Avenue when it collided with a Highlander SUV traveling west on South Orange Avenue.

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The collision to the driver's side of the SUV was "sufficient to tip that vehicle, and it effectively slid on its side, the passenger side, further past the point of impact, coming to rest in the traffic lane just west of North Wyoming Avenue," stated Sullivan by email.

The driver of the Highlander was trapped in the driver's seat, and "firefighters quickly extricated the single occupant by removing part of the vehicle roof," and entering the cabin space to assess the victim and remove him to firefighters and South Orange Rescue Squad members on scene, said Sullivan.

All injuries were minor and non-life threatening, stated Sullivan. One driver was treated at the scene and one was transported to St. Barnabas for evaluation and complaint of a shoulder injury, said Sullivan.

South Orange police closed South Orange Avenue between North Wyoming Avenue and South Wyoming Avenue during the incident.

"I was on scene and can say with confidence that the use of seat belts was a critical factor in preventing far more serious injury to either occupant," shared Sullivan.

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