MONTCLAIR, NJ - Wednesday evening Nishuane School held a Parent Palooza. It was a well-attended lively evening of workshops for parents. Topics were as varied as  Brain Training for Success, Parenting with Pause, and How to Recognize Lice.

Sessions were held throughout the school. Volunteers from Glenfield Middle School came out to help provide childcare, and there was story time for the children while parents were in session.

Nishuane teachers Robert Hastings and Jenna DePasquale taught parents what they could do at home to further understanding during, and after, reading time. Meanwhile, another session run by Lino Martire elucidated parents on FUNdations, a multi-sensory method to teaching reading and writing.

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Nilaja Mussa, the enrichment teacher, engaged a large group of parents on how parental behavior toward learning, affects children. Musssa elaborated on how mindsets and assumptions influence a child’s belief in their own potential. She shared tips on promoting a growth mindset fostered by praise and a love of learning, practice, and resilience.

Next door, Erica Daniel provided an overview of Language Arts and taught activities to strengthen reading and comprehension, while Student Assistance Counselor Amillah Williamson lead a workshop that supported parents who could use ways to approach reading to their children, comfortably and enjoyably.

Stacey Pinilis, LCSW and former Nishuane parent, simutaneously conducted a workshop in another room on Parenting with Pause. Pinilis focused on how important it is for parents to pause before reacting or even trying to solve children’s situations. Tips on recognizing how feelings change, and being tuned in, can help parents identify feelings and get involved when warranted. For more information contact

Thomas Adamo taught parents how to keep their children safe while on the Internet, sharing tips and tools that parents could take home to further their learning.

Nishuane also had Linda Strand, an expert on recognizing, preventing, and treating lice, come in to provide parents with a sensible, manageable approach to treating lice. For more information see

Last but not least, Eric Eder, physical education teacher, conducted an interactive workshop leading parents to allow their inner child to come out and play. He stressed the importance of physicality in a child's life.