MONTCLAIR, NJ - The Porchistas hosted an event Wednesday evening in support of the Bernie Sanders campaign at their home studio located at 148 Forest St.

Bernie Sanders, a United States Senator from Vermont, recently announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 Presidential election.

More than 70 people came out to attend a potluck dinner and watch a live video feed. The discussion centered on positive and productive ways to organize Montclair residents and surrounding towns in support of the campaign.

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As the live stream began, Sanders said it was an historical event, being the first time so early in a campaign that there had been such an unprecedented online political organizing effort including over 100,000 people in 35,000 locations in every state of the United States.

Attendees applauded as the candidate postulated on his policies, which include raising the minimum wage, evening out the "unequal distribution of wealth," providing jobs, offering tuition free public universities, providing universal healthcare through a single-payer system, combating institutional racism in the United States and much more.

Laura Harbison came in support and said, "I came out to meet like-minded people. We hooked up on the Internet at and are coming together to network and learn more about volunteer opportunities."

When asked why he supported the incumbent, Jim Testa, visiting from Weehawken said, "I’d rather campaign for something I believe in than settle for Hillary".

Beth Kruvant was asked the same question and replied, "Maybe this will force the Clintons to talk about equal justice, maybe it will steer her campaign in the right direction."

When asked whether she believed Sanders was a viable candidate, Ann Rea, also in the audience, said, "If nothing else, this will it elevate the political dialogue. It's good to have someone running who is refusing to take money from big donors."

Montclair resident Alan Smith of the Porchistas, known for his music and activism, said that he knew he would be getting involved with the campaign so when he got an email from the campaign to consider hosting an event and pull in volunteers, he said, "I realized our studio is the right place in our neighborhood." When asked if there would be upcoming events he replied, "I'm intending on putting together a live music fundraiser for Bernie's campaign. I certainly see my home as a meeting place for future events."

Smith said,  “The reason I back Bernie Sanders is that he is the only candidate who will stand up to corporations and enact legislation that will lead to real political reform. I'm happy to be supporting his candidacy."

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