MONTCLAIR, NJ - In a heartfelt production about breast cancer, Chuk Obasi played the role of a husband turned caregiver to a wife who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The monologue displayed a range of emotions as Obasi took viewers through what a caregiver had to endure when his wife was diagnosed, underwent treatment and faced the fear of the cancer returning. 

The love story traveled through the unchartered territories of illness, where resilience and power of the human heart persevere.

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Written by Kate Holland, this inspiring production took place at The Little Theatre at the George Inness Annex.

At the end of the performance, the director Samuel Simon took questions from the audience. Audience members were informed that African American women are at the highest risk to die from breast cancer. Therefore, Simon, who is Jewish, said, "It was important for me to find an African-American actor to play this role."

Detective Kim Nelson-Edwards was given a bouquet of flowers at the end of the production for bringing the production to Montclair. Nelson-Edwards, informed the audience that she was a cancer survivor and that, although her cancer had been in remission, that she recently underwent related surgery. 

Many audience members, some of who were also cancer survivors or who had family members who died from various forms of cancer, stated that the production touched home for them.