MONTCLAIR, NJ - Catherine Schuller, actress, producer, image adviser, creative consultant, former Ford model and a pioneer in the plus size industry came to Atelier Boutique in Montclair on Friday evening with Janet Wood Cunliffe, creator of Fashion Fit Formula.

These ladies are the team to have in one’s corner for women looking to educate themselves esthetically as to which clothes suit their body best. With a keen eye for true beauty and how to flaunt it, their presence at the boutique was electrifying.

Schuller says measuring from different focal points on our body tells us the right proportions so clothes will work with each individual body type or bone structure. She studies bust waist and hips while her partner measures vertically. Together they leave no woman behind. Smiling, Schuller rhymed, “Know your shape show your shape” whereas Cunliffe’s tag line was “It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.”

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A big part of their work is empowering women to feel good about themselves no matter what their shape is. “Ride your curves don’t hide your curves” said Schuller, adding, “Women need those mantras to feel like there is a system that works” she said, referring to how a good fit in clothing is achievable for any size body.

The event at the store was a free consultation for customers to educate themselves and train their eye on what clothes are most flattering. Hour glass, triangle, inverted triangle were some body shapes Schuller discussed.

Misa Kastrati, who hosted the Fashion Fit Formula event at Atelier said about Schuller, “Catherine is amazing! She can do everything! She styles out wardrobes when she is here, she picks pieces for clients at trunk shows…”

Cunliffe, who is also a retired attorney, shared her journey to where she is today starting with a stop at Yves St. Laurent in 1969 where she interned a month in their cutting room and another in their pattern room. Luckily she still left unhappy with how the tailored clothing she brought back fit on her. That prompted her to seek answers.

As a math savant she realized it had something to do with numbers. The height the designers were working with was different than hers, but that wasn't the only problem. She eventually figured out what was wrong, and it related to angles. “I realized it was all angles.” She referenced Leonardo Da Vinci’s Virtuous man saying, “Creating the illusion of a perfectly proportional body requires only seven lines.”

As customers took advantage of this unique opportunity the store bustled with happy clients. If you missed the event, no worries, these ladies also work online to provide personal solutions by email.