MONTCLAIR, NJ - School of Rock Montclair Debuts New BYOS (Bring Your Own Song) Adult Program.

School of Rock Montclair’s Adult Program will incorporate a new theme for its fall season called BYOS (Bring Your Own Song). Rehearsals for the program will begin on Friday, October 6, and the program’s participants will perform a concert of their selected repertoire in late January and early February at Just Jake’s in Montclair.

“We extend a formal invitation to rocking adults and their friends of all ages and skill levels who want to join our Adult Program band and perform their favorite songs in front of a capacity crowd,” says Kevin March, General Manager of School of Rock Montclair. “Our Adult Program is directed by professional musicians and faculty members Chris Barnett and Joe Billy, and they’ll share tips, advice, and instruction that will help our Adult Program band members to improve their musicianship, boost their on stage confidence, and give them a fun experience that they’ll never forget.”

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Each participant will contribute his/her BYOS selection for the Adult Program band to learn. Selections can be in any music genre - including r&b/soul, indie, disco, classic rock, reggae, folk, pop, funk, prog, EDM, and metal. Program participants will receive free tickets to the band’s two concerts, as well as a video of the concerts.

Rehearsals for the School of Rock Montclair BYOS Adult Program will be held from7:00 to 9:00pm beginning on Friday, October 6 at School of Rock Montclair’s location at 125 Valley Road.  For more info about the program, contact Kevin March at (973-337-5296,