MAPLEWOOD, NJ - The South Orange - Maplewood School District (SOMSD) sent an email to Columbia High School (CHS) families at about 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday with information about the threatening message that was found painted in the CHS lot that morning

The large message was painted on the ground of the student parking lot on Parker Avenue, about a half-block from CHS, and stated, “If they keep calling me a b**ch I’m getting a gun.”

The email from SOMSD is below:

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Dear CHS Families,

Early this morning, as they arrived to school, students saw and reported the presence of painted graffiti in the student parking lot on West Parker.  The graffiti referenced a gun and indicated the potential for violence and/or student self-harm. 

CHS staff immediately contacted the Maplewood Police Department, which began an investigation.  The Police Department quickly determined that there was no imminent or specific threat to students or staff, and cleared the high school to operate normally.

Maplewood Police Department has maintained a presence at CHS throughout the day as they continue the investigation.  Anyone with information about this incident should contact the Maplewood Police Department at 973-762-3400

If you believe your child is exhibiting signs of undue stress or anxiety, please contact a mental health provider.  You or your child can also contact one of our Student Assistance Counselors:

Michael Loupis (grades 9&10) at 973-762-5600 ext. 1044
Judy Cohen (grades 11&12) at 973-762-5600 ext. 1043

As always, student and staff safety remains a top priority in our district.  We are grateful to the Maplewood Police Department for their quick response and assistance. 

South Orange Maplewood School District

As of 4 p.m. on Wednesday, the graffiti had been painted over in the parking lot, and was no longer visible.

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