Several Montclair teens had the opportunity to perform in Milwaukee and Wildwood. 
The teen musicians, members of School of Rock Montclair’s House Band, which is comprised of some of the School’s most talented students, recently performed at Summerfest in Milwaukee, an 11 day annual event that’s billed as “the World’s Largest Music Festival”. Following their Summerfest appearances, the House Band members boarded a tour bus and continued their gigs at Morey’s Pier, an amusement area in Wildwood, NJ on the Jersey shore.

“At Summerfest, our House Band spent a weekend rocking the same stages where Sting with Peter Gabriel, Alabama Shakes, Weezer, Paul McCartney, The Roots, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Selena Gomez, Joan Jett, and Passion Pit performed this year,” says Phil Silverberg, Director of the House Band for School of Rock Montclair.  “At Morey’s Pier, the students joined House Bands from School of Rock Waldwick, New Jersey and School of Rock Orangeburg, New York on a dedicated School of Rock stage for four nights of amazing shows.”

School of Rock Montclair’s House Band - which featured Montclair residents Willy Oechsli, 14 years old (drums, bass), Sam Schuman, 17 (guitar), and Jackson Richmond, 13 (keyboards) - presented a variety of hits at Summerfest, including:

  • Soundgarden - “Outshined”

  • Bad Religion - “Los Angeles Is Burning”

  • Neutral Milk Hotel - “Holland 1945”

  • Ben Folds - “Zak and Sara”

  • Prince - “Let’s Go Crazy”

  • Streetlight Manifesto - “Down Down Down to Mephisto’s Cafe”

  • Staple Singers - “I’ll Take You There”


For their Wildwood shows, the five member Band performed crowd favorites by Led Zeppelin, Rancid, The Cure, Radiohead, Weezer, Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Green Day, and Alice In Chains.


“Along with their weekly one-on-one private lessons at the School and their experiences in our Performance Programs throughout the year, our House Band members put all of their accumulated individual and group skills together during our summer tours,” says Silverberg.  “They gain enhanced confidence and showmanship, and also get a chance to live the exciting rock n’ roll touring lifestyle for a week.  They return home exhausted, but they love every minute of it.”