PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, CO - According to reports, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is claiming that an Unidentified Flying Object they have been tracking is apparently a large man in a red suit, riding a sleigh pulled by eight flying reindeer. Further, the lead reindeer appears to have a shiny red, beacon-like nose that the gentleman is using as a navigation tool.

The man is apparently stopping in cities, towns and villages all over the world and making deliveries -- consistently using each dwelling's chimney whenever possible -- consisting of presents. Unconfirmed accounts have the man consulting a 'naughty and nice' list of boys and girls worldwide. As of 6:54 EST, the man has delivered more than 880,000,000 gifts, according to NORAD.

NORAD has made a live video stream of this unique event available via a special website, located at, Also, the agency has apps available in the Windows, Apple and Google Play stores, with tracking opportunities also offered on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+ by typing “@noradsanta” into each search engine to get started.