MONTCLAIR, NJ - The following blotter was compiled and released by the Montclair Police Department on 05-07-2019:

05-04-2019 (North Fullerton Avenue) Mr. Paresh Pandya, 46yoa from Montclair, was arrested and
charged with DWI.
05-05-2019 (Bloomfield Avenue) Mr. Marcin Korwek, 34yoa from Bloomfield, was arrested and charged
with DWI.
05-02-2019 (North Willow Street) Theft of a delivered package from a commercial space, which is under
05-03-2019 (Montclair Avenue) Theft of a 2015 Jeep Cherokee from a residential driveway.
05-03-2019 (Inwood Avenue) Theft of a bicycle from the carport of a home.
05-01-2019 (Valley Road) A resident received a telephone call from a party claiming to be federal agent.
This subject advised her that her vehicle was utilized in a crime and therefore considered to be evidence
and that she would have to pay to have it cleared from their system. The resident realized this was a
scam and did not forward any funds.
05-06-2019 (Greenwood Avenue) Vandalism to a parked vehicle. The two rear tires of the involved
vehicle were slashed in this incident.