MONTCLAIR, NJ-  The following police blotter was issued by the Montclair Police Department on February 20, 2018:



02-13-2018 - A 16yoa East Orange male was arrested and charged with Unlawful Taking by Means of Conveyance, resulting from an investigation into a vehicle theft which occurred on 1/25/2018.  

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02-14-2018 (Nishuane Road) Theft of a 2010 Acura TSX from a residential driveway.  This vehicle had been left running with the key inside.  This vehicle was recovered, unoccupied, on 02-15-2018 in Orange.  


02-15-2018 (Pine Street) Theft of a delivered package from the front of a residence.  This package contained food items.  


02-15-2018 (Lincoln Street) Theft of a delivered package from the front porch of a residence.  This package contained small electronics.  


02-15-2018 (Sears Place) Theft of a purse from an unlocked motor vehicle.  


02-15-2018 (Quick Chek, Valley Road) Theft of a cellular telephone that had been left unattended.  


02-16-2018 (Trinity Place) An unlocked vehicle was rummaged through. Nothing was reported taken.  


02-16-2018 (Clinton Avenue) theft from an unlocked motor vehicle.  Two MacBook laptops were taken along with clothing items and other electronics.  


02-19-2018 (Llewellyn Road) Three unlocked vehicles were entered, but nothing reported stolen.  


02-19-2018 (Orange Road) Theft of loose change from an unlocked motor vehicle.  




02-15-2018 (Claremont Avenue) A Black jeep, reported stolen on 01-12-2018 was recovered, parked and unoccupied.  


02-19-2018 (St. Luke’s Place) Vandalism to a residence.  A rock was thrown through a porch window.  Access was not gained to the home.