MONTCLAIR, NJ- The following blotter was issued by the Montclair Police Department on  March 13, 2018. 

03-07- 2018 (Orange Road) Attempted burglary to a residence. The suspect was not successful in gaining
access to the residence. The suspect vehicle was described as a white Dodge Ram pickup truck.
03-10- 2018 (North Fullerton Avenue) Theft of delivered packages from the front of a home. One of
these packages contained a laptop computer.
03-11- 2018 (Gates Avenue) Theft of a bicycle from the common area of an apartment building.
03-12- 2018 (Lincoln Street) Theft of a 2017 Infinity Qx60 from the driveway of a residence. The key had
been left in this vehicle.
03-12- 2018 (Gates Avenue) Attempted burglary to residences in the area. A subject was observed
checking the back doors of homes, then fleeing on foot northbound on Clinton Avenue.

03-07- 2018 (Mt. Hebron Road) A vehicle traveling eastbound on Mt. Hebron Road was struck by a falling
tree. The vehicle sustained damage to the hood and windshield. There were no injuries reported.
03-08- 2018 (Warren Place) A parked vehicle was struck by a falling tree. The side view mirror was
smashed in this incident.
03-08- 2018 (Oak Place) Four vehicles were damaged by a falling tree. These vehicles sustained damage
to their roofs.
03-08- 2018 (Aubrey Road) A falling tree limb smashed the sunroof of a parked vehicle.