MONTCLAIR, NJ - Employees at the Pathmark in Lackawanna Plaza received termination notices on Monday.

This news came as a surprise to some, since the parent company Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company did not list the store as one slated for closure. On July 20, A&P corporate released a list of stores being sold and others slated for closures. However, the Lackawanna Plaza store was not listed and corporate spokespeople maintained that the store would remain open for the time being. While rumors swirled about the store closing slated for as early as Sept. 18, until Monday, the A&P corporate company maintained that the store would remain open.

According to a recent article in Newsday, the A&P company previously had plans on keeping the remaining stores open as part of its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceeding, but now must sell off everything or face closures.

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TAP into Montclair questioned a spokesperson for Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company who declined to comment. 

A source close to the matter, who would not speak on record, maintains that the company is still shopping around the Montclair Pathmark store and has not yet found a buyer. Therefore, the source expressed that the company sent termination letters out of "an abundance of caution." The source called the termination letters, "procedural notices."

As of the publication of this article, the Montclair Pathmark is not slated to be sold and its future remains a mystery. 

Although the owner of the property has begun the planning stages of redeveloping the area around the historic Lackawanna Plaza station and rebuilding on the property, the fate of the Montclair Pathmark remains undetermined at this present time.

The list of store closings and acquisitions can be found here.