MONTCLAIR, NJ – Members of the Montclair Board of School Estimate unanimously approved $2.03 million in funding for a special project during a public meeting Tuesday evening at Montclair Town Hall.

Presiding over the meeting were Mayor Robert Jackson, Schools Superintendent Kendra Johnson, Board of Education President Laura Hertzog, Board Members Jessica de Koninck and Emidio D’Andrea, Councilman Rich McMahon and Councilman William Hurlock.

The capital funds will be used for a project involving the Montclair High School stairs tower replacement.

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The Board of Education has estimated the cost of $1.981 million, plus Section 20 costs of $50,000 related to the issuance of bonds.  The projects requested meet the standards for capital projects pursuant to state law.

“We are very excited, we have a structural building analysis with six schools in, and by the end of February, we will have all our schools completed,” said Superintendent Johnson.  “In this analysis, they are giving us a base plan on things we need to do urgently and address and repair, as well as what we need to consider within five and six years.”

D’Andrea then provided an update regarding several outstanding ordinances.

“Last year, the Board of School Estimates was gracious enough to allow us to take some unexpected funds from prior ordinances and bundle them together, slightly over $330,000, and apply it towards some security measures for the district,” said D’Andrea.  “As of today, there are still $51,500 available that we have not used from those funds and we continue looking at upgrading some securities and hopefully before the end of the fiscal year we’ll make use of all that money for security purposes.”

D’Andrea continued, “With Bond Ordinance 15O24, there is still available $79,500 and we are working to close out those projects.  On Bond Ordinance 16O12, there is still available $174,000 and there was one project just awarded several months ago, so hopefully by the end of our fiscal year, that will close out and the majority of that money will be coming back to the township.” 

“I’m happy to report that with the new ordinance 18O17, of the $3.4 million, today there is only $23,000 remaining and both Fortunato and Whitman Fields are on target to be done by the spring, weather permitting” D’Andrea added.  “The heating upgrade of the Watchung Annex will start soon once the heating season ends.”

Councilman Hurlock stated, “These reports are very helpful to us and it’s great that we are sitting here in January and not necessarily March or April or May, so I thank you for that.”


There were no public comments.


Montclair Board of Education gathers for a public meeting on Wednesday, February 6, 5:30 pm in the George Inness Annex Atrium.  The meeting will go into closed session until approximately 7:30 pm when it will re-open to the public.