MONTCLAIR, NJ - The following blotter was released on June 11, 2019:

06-07-2019 (North Fullerton Avenue) Ms. Kathleen Kaicher, 24yoa from Montclair, was arrested and
charged with DWI.
06-08-2019 (Quick Chek) A 14yoa Montclair male was arrested for shoplifting a box of cigars.

06-04-2019 (Forest Street) Theft of the contents of a delivered package. This package contained a baby
06-05-2019 (Orange Road) Theft of a bicycle from a garden shed. The shed door was pried open to gain
06-05-2019 (Glenfield School) Theft of an unattended cellular telephone from the area of the
06-07-2019 (Plymouth Street) Theft of a laptop from an office suite.
06-08-2019 (North Fullerton Avenue) Theft of the side view mirror of a parked motor vehicle.
06-09-2019 (S. Mountain Avenue) Theft of a basketball backboard and net from a residential driveway.
06-10-2019 (N. Mountain Avenue) Theft of a package containing pet medication. The suspect is
described as an African-American female, 16-20 years of age, slim build, approximately 5'7 in height, last
seen wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt with the letter "M" on the front.

06-05-2019 (Orange Road) Vandalism to a parked vehicle. The passenger window of the car was
smashed out by an unknown object.