CLEVELAND, OH - The last time TAPintoTravels featured Cleveland was during the Republican National Convention.  Since we were preoccupied by the Grand Old Party’s parties, we only got to feature a few city highlights.  Mainly, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Tower City area, where the Convention was held.

This year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be inducting Bon Jovi into the esteemed group of rockers.  That means one are getting a lot of folks visiting from the New Jersey area.  How you do’n Ohio?

Now you can only spend a day or two at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame area.  So, we need to focus on some other activities to excite Jersey sensibilities.

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How about this idea?  The city was once nicknamed “the mistake on the Lake”. That means there is a lake.  

Sorry about the nickname by the way.  You should feel lucky.  You should hear all the things New Yorkers say about Jersey.  

Anyhow, lakes need boats in them and Jersyans know boats.  Ohio has the Lake.  We got a Shore.  

It’s like we are speaking the same language.  Plus you got the Indians, so you have got to hate the Yankees.

TAPintoTravels is doing Jersey proud on assignment scouting out the only state bold enough to start and end with an “O”.  If we break that out, it almost sounds like the filler in a Bon Jovi song.

So, to bring this full circle, we know we are all going to bond and the most likely place is down by the Flats.  You got the restaurants we want and the boats we need to take on your little lake.  The easiest place we found to get boats is down on the Cuyahoga at the Great Lakes Watersports.

Here are their details on their boats.

Avalon Pontoon Boat

This boat can accommodate up to 15 people. For ADULT parties over 10, there is an additional charge of 20.00 per person.  Gas is  not included in rental boat charge.Two hours of gas in the Pontoon is usually about $12. 

Cost: $275 for 2 hours or $450 for 4.

Regal 24ft Speed Boat

The Regal got a brand new engine last year. She holds up to 10 adults. 

Cost $275 for 2 hours and $450 for 4.

Bayliner 19 ft Speed Boat

Our Bayliner is new to our fleet this year. She holds up to 7 adults.  

Cost $225 for 2 hours or $400 for 4.

10 jetskis are available for your cruising pleasure

Cost $110 per hour plus tax.

Urban Kayaking on one or two Seat Kayaks

Cost for the single is $25 for the single or the double for $30 (plus half off for the next hour)

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