Jim Sandham gives a lengthy CPA's answer to what is essentially a moral question. Should Water and Sewer customers be forced to overpay for their services just so he and Deb Nielson can say they have stabilized taxes. Questions of allocations aside, the fact is that from 2006 until the present they have taken almost $10 million from rate payers. That includes a portion of a $4.8 million surplus which they allowed to accumulate over a period of years. They take credit for a Long Term Financial Planning Committee which was in place for 5 years before they took office and use that Committee for cover.

Jim says that the Republican Majority took more in 2003-2005 per year than He and Deb Nielson have taken. He ignores the fact that the Tax payers had contributed Financially to the growth of Water and Sewer from the early 70s as an MUA until the Long Term Financial Planning Committee recomended they be converted to a Water and Sewer Department. Part of the Deal with the old MUA was for them to pay the Township Taxpayers back. That is what happened in 2003-2005. What they have done since then is an outright overcharging of the rate payers. Pure and Simple.