TAPintoTravels - The Marine Air Terminal at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport is the only first-generation, air terminal left operating in the U.S. The Art Deco building heralds to the golden age of the flying boat, when traveling was new, glamorous, and the subject of adventure novels.

Now named Terminal A, the Marine Air Terminal hosts regional flyers and visitors. It is well worth the visit for its beauty and place in American travel history.

Besides the architectural charm, the rotunda of the building is home to the largest mural created during the Works Projects Administration.  “Flight”, completed by James Brooks in 1940, depicts man’s participation in aviation. At 12 feet high and 237 feet in length, it depicts significant moments in man’s aviation history. Once deemed left-wing, it was painted over in the 50’s, but restored in 1980.

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If you are in the area or have a long layover, visit Terminal A. You will not be disappointed.

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