MONTVILLE, NJ – Montville Township Mayor James Sandham, accompanied by Committee Members Scott Gallopo, Richard Conklin and Frank Cooney attended the official ribbon-cutting event for Alpha Sport East on Jan. 16. Joseph O’Dowd attended on behalf of the Montville Township Chamber of Commerce, as well as owner Joselynne Boschen’s family and friends. Sandham thanked Boschen for opening a business in Montville Township and welcomed her.

With a new year comes the promise of better diet and more exercise, and Boschen and her trainers promise to help.

The boutique gym, located in the Rails plaza in Towaco (Towaco Crossing), is a cozy spot for taking a class, enjoying a smoothie or sampling some of Boschen’s gluten-free non-GMO baked items.

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Classes revolve around the TRX training method, which stands for “total resistance exercise.” Created by Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, the workout uses the trainee’s own body weight to efficiently exercise. The training room has a series of straps hanging from the ceiling which participants use as the focus of the various movements.

“I’ve had people come here for three weeks and see a change, because you’re using your whole body,” said Boschen.

The thirty- and sixty-minute classes are adaptable to the fitness level of the user, she says, because depending on where the feet are placed, the resistance level changes.

While the classes are mostly eight to sixteen participants, “I’m used to teaching thousands of people at large events, so I’m used to being bossy,” Boschen jokes. “But here at Alpha Sport East the classes are very personal.”

Adjacent to the studio is Alpha Café, which features organic coffee, smoothies and baked treats. Boschen also offers what she calls pods, which are balanced, pre-portioned meal building blocks. Diners choose a pod with four ounces of protein such as tuna or chicken, and a carb such as quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) grain salad. “Power packs” are about the size of a salad, and feature protein accompanied by salad or vegetables with hummus. Other choices include “energy meatballs” made with organic beef and “toasties,” which are panini made with gluten-free organic bread.

The pastries are all organic, many are dairy-free and all are gluten-free. Coconut sugar is used in place of refined, white sugar.

“Everyone thinks that making a treat ‘healthy’ makes it taste bad, but that’s just not true,” says Boschen.

Vegan offerings include a pineapple muffin and pumpkin-cherry cookie. Smoothie choices include the Wakey Wakey – coconut milk, banana, espresso, flax seeds, walnuts and dates; and the Girl Scout, which was Cooney’s favorite – almond milk, banana, spinach, mint, cocoa, maple and almond butter.

Carrots and peanut butter are available as healthy grab ‘n’ go snacks, as well as yogurt with chia seeds.

“Alpha Sports East offers an unbelievable workout,” said Montville resident Allison Hammer, who attends classes three or four times a week. “I think it is the first time that I am gaining strength while losing inches! The trainers know just how to push you in a tough but positive way. I also love going next door for an amazing, healthy smoothie. It's a great way to start your day!”

For more information and to view the class schedule, click: Alpha Sport East.