MONTVILLE, NJ - While many of us thought that we may skip over winter this year, Mother Nature showed us that would not be the case. Many people woke up the morning after the storm was finished, bundled up and dug out their driveways, sidewalks, and cars. One thing many residents forget to uncover is their fire hydrant. Not only is removing snow from your fire hydrant a town ordinance, it is also essential to saving lives and property. 

The hydrant may not be in front of your house, it may even be a few houses down. However, when a fire occurs that hydrant will be used for the entire block. This is when it is essential for the whole neighborhood to join together and be proactive. Work together, help your elderly neighbors, and take the few minutes to dig out a three foot area around your fire hydrant. 

We often think that fire will never affect us but the reality is fire does not discriminate against anyone. With every sixty seconds fire doubles. If firefighters pull up to your house they want to be able to start working to put out the fire the second they step off the truck. If they have to spend minutes shoveling out your fire hydrant a small fire that may have only affected a single room could have taken over your entire home. 

Members of the Montville Township Volunteer Fire Department urge residents and business owners to help your local fire departments. By uncovering your fire hydrants, you can help us preserve property and life when SECONDS count.