An open Letter to Montville Township's 3500 Democrats.

This really applies to any Town where no Democrats are running. I won on my 5th attempt and then served for 15 years. As a citizen of Montville Township and a Democrat we all have an obligation to ensure that all the voices of the people are heard and that never happens under One Party Rule. From a Democratic perspective our most important duty is to present a choice on election day. For decades under one Party rule the Township's forward progress was stifled. Facilities across the board suffered. Private Trash Collection, poor Planning and back room decisions forced me to get involved and it wasn't easy. We had a two trailer Library and a handful of private volunteers keeping it going. We had very limited recreational opportunities for young and old alike. Everything changed when our Township Committee became bi-partisan. Our local government became more competitive and Ideas flowed and the Township you see today is a result. It is time for some Democrat to step out and challenge our current leaders. Two of us need to step forward and run for local office. I can assure you it can be one of the most rewarding civic duties win or lose.

Dan Grant