MONTVILLE, NJ – The Fairfield Police Department is seeking help in finding Devonte D. Young, age 23, after he allegedly made terroristic threats towards a woman who confronted him for not being homeless and yet accepting donations as such and posted video of the confrontation on Facebook, according to a release from that department.

Young often stands with his dog at the intersection of Route 46 West and Plymouth Street in Fairfield, holding a sign that states “Homeless Puppy Eats First.” Motorists have given him donations of water, money and dog food, according to the Fairfield Police Department release, and calls to that department have increased “dramatically.”

However, Young has been seen throwing the dog food into dumpsters. Fairfield police have confirmed that some of this food was recovered from dumpsters and will be donated by the police to area animal shelters, according to their release.

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The discarding of the dog food has outraged many who donated the food according to the Fairfield Police’s release and statements on various Facebook groups, and a citizen on Dec 7 confronted Young with a sign that said, “Scam. Save your money.” The entire video can be seen here: Scam. It has more than 7,400 views. Update Dec. 11, 2017: The citizen has since removed the video.

In the video, Young says he does not feed his dog grains and that he is homeless because his family threw him out because he is gay. He said he throws out the food because he cannot carry 80-pound bags of dog food up the street that his dog will not eat. In the video he also asks people to come out and talk to him and not believe what they read on Facebook. He said he was living in Michigan before Thanksgiving, working as a landscaper. The citizen argued that he was here last year, too. Young stated that the police sent him back to Michigan by bus.

At the time the citizen made the video, police arrived and no arrest was made, although Young and the citizen argued loudly on the video about the donations of dog food that the man had dumped. An officer can be seen on the video, responding to the scene, hearing both state their cases, and leaving.

However, at one point in the video, the citizen later alleged that Young “threatened to bring his dog over to her location in what she believed to be a physical threat against her well-being, given the size of the dog,” according to Fairfield police.

Upon reviewing the Facebook video, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office has filed a charge of making a terroristic threat against Young.

On Dec. 8, Fairfield and Montville officers responded to the Knights Inn in Montville where Young has been staying, as he states in the video, in order to serve the arrest warrant, Fairfield Police stated. Young was not there but was contacted on his personal cell phone and he agreed to surrender himself to Fairfield authorities at 4:00 p.m. but failed to do so, according to Fairfield police.

Anyone with information about Young’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Fairfield Police Department at 973-227-1400.

It should be noted that the charge filed against Young is merely an allegation and that he is presumed innocent until he either pleads guilty or is found guilty in a court of law.