At the May meeting of the Morris County School Boards Association, held on May 19, 2016 at the Villa in Mountain Lakes, Charles A. Grau was recognized for 22 years of service to the Montville Township Board of Education.  Grau joined the Montville Township Board in 1979.  He served from 1979 through 1991.  He was elected again to the Board in 2006 and continues to serve.  During his 22 year tenure, he served as Board President for 9 years.  He has served as a member of all of the Board's committees and also represented the district on the Board of the Morris County Educational Services Commission.  Mr. Grau holds the distinction of having served as a Board member in five different decades.  He currently serves as chair of the Finance and Facilities Committee and chaired the Negotiations Committee for the contract with the Montville Township Administrators Association.  He serves on the Board's Safety committee and as a alternate to the Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Committee.  He is also a representative of the Board of Education on the OneMontville organization.