POMPTON PLAINS, NJ - Holding true to a promise Lee and Patricia Cahill made four years ago, the Pompton Plains couple have continued to support the Special Care Nursery at Chilton Medical Center with several donations.

Because of the care Patricia received from the staff at Chilton Medical Center when she was hospitalized in 2014, the Pompton Plains couple made a donation with the hope it would benefit someone else.

Besides donating medical equipment, they have funded an array of Chilton projects, including rolling bedside cribs and a warmer for the Special Care Nursery.

"Pat and I welcome the opportunity to support the Special Care Nursery at the Chilton Medical Center," said Lee Cahill, who, along with his wife set out to create a better hospital experience for future patients. "The attention and care provided to infants by a dedicated staff is obvious when meeting them as well as learning about what they do and the challenges they face every day. When an infant needs to be transported to another facility to receive emergency treatment, speed and a safe environment during transport is essential. By helping the Special Care Nursery acquire a Transport Incubator, we were happy to help provide the equipment necessary to meet their mission."