Author Dr. Janet A. Munger (Dr. JAM) would like to ease the burden in helping to make her books available to non-profit organizations, i.e.:  schools, churches, libraries, hospitals, charitable organizations through Amazon book sales.  She has already priced her books at the lowest cost allowed—considering external costs for manufacturing, distribution, and royalties (in some cases—the cost of the book has been rounded off to the nearest dollar; in other cases, the book cost has been set at the exact dollar amount, i.e. $12.13).  The book manufacturing cost is based on number of book pages and color. 

Establish contact with her through  and through the district schools, churches, libraries, charitable institutions with sales documentation. She will share, equally, all book royalties received through your organization’s purchases with the non-profit organization--50% royalties going to your non-profit organization; 50% of the shared royalties going to her as book author.

Dr. Janet A. Munger (Dr. JAM), is a Retired Public School Superintendent; Principal; Director of Curriculum & Instruction PreK-12; Researcher, Writer, & Teacher.

Check out her books published on Amazon, her Facebook and Linkedin pages, and her website:                          

  1. From Where We Stand…From Revolution to Evolution…A Collection of Poems
  2. Children’s Mystical Tales & Reflections: Poems for the Young &Young at Heart
  3. The Bible and Attila the Hun: Book of Genesis & 1st-7th Centuries AD
  4. Women of Influence
  5. The Revolutionary War
  6. The Process of Education------Self, School, and Society
  7. Does Leadership Matter…The Research May Surprise You
  8. Principal Leadership and Student Achievement…Research in NJ Urban High School Districts
  9. Bionic Mr. Frog (Children’s Picture Book)