MONTVILLE, NJ - Cedar Hill Elementary School in Towaco met the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Oct. 29, 2014. The fourth school of Montville Township’s seven public schools to be challenged, Cedar Hill raised the fundraising bar by collecting $2,900. The school’s contribution brought the total funds raised by the students, staff and families of Montville Township Public Schools to over $6,550 since the middle of September.
Cedar Hill, a kindergarten through fifth grade school, celebrated their fundraising success with a block party that featured music with a theme: “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” “Fire and Rain,” “I’m on Fire,” and “Fire” were among the selections. The school called in the Towaco Fire Department for back-up.
Within the district, the Ice Bucket Challenge was launched September 19 by Woodmont Elementary School in Montville Township’s Pine Brook section. The challenge was accepted, and both William Mason and Hilldale Elementary Schools pushed the bar higher and higher in terms of fundraising and staff participation.
Beginning with small cups and progressing to large tubs, Cedar Hill Principal Dr. Michael Raj, and other staff members, were doused with more and more water. When asked if it was enough, students called for greater and greater amounts. As if on cue, the Towaco Fire Department arrived, and more than half of the school’s staff, dressed in water gear, appeared. While students cheered, the adults got drenched.

The fundraising event was filmed by Peter Ferriero of PF Films. The videographer and his assistant added to the student’s excitement and celebration.
The Ice Bucket Challenge began a national conversation on July 29, 2014. Since then, more than $115 million dollars has been raised this year to study, treat and search for a cure for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).
The Cedar Hill Ice Bucket Challenge video, along with Hilldale, William Mason and Woodmont’s videos, can be viewed under Latest News at
The students, staff and families of Montville Township Public Schools are proud of the more than $6,550 contributed through their efforts to date, and they are grateful to the community that supports their compassionate initiatives.