MONTVILLE, NJ – Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Montville Township Garden Club hosted Kim Condurso of Condurso’s Garden Center at their May 4 meeting. The topic was “decorating with flowers.”

“Gardening is a very personal choice,” Condurso told the club. “There are so many different colors, heights, and choices among shrubs and plants.”

Condurso suggested different uses for flowers outside, such as flowering privacy screens where condominium owners’ associations may not allow a more permanent structure. Flowers are bright and welcoming lining streetscapes, she said.

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 Condurso said flowers and plants can be used not just in the yard but everywhere to brighten and enrich porches and indoor spaces.

“Doors look empty without a wreath, and plants complete an empty corner,” she said.

Condurso said many things in her home are decorated with flowers, such as wallpaper, dishes and candles. She said it’s a similar situation at the family’s business on River Road, where her husband grows the flowers outside and she handles decorating and merchandising inside.

“He’s been growing plants and flowers since he was 17,” she said.

Condurso then answered questions from club members, which included which plants and shrubs are deer resistant.

“Deer don’t like anything fuzzy,” Condurso said. Dusty miller, rhododendron and viburnum were also suggested.

Club members also asked about the pear trees near the municipal fields which had been severely cut back but Condurso reassured them that they will grow back from their pruning.