MONTVILLE, NJ - At Friday night’s game against Chatham, the Montville girls basketball team was defeated in overtime, ending with a score of 38-41.

Before the start of the game, the loud speaker, which had failed to work, prompted Montville’s players to sing the national anthem in unison, inspiring the opponents and crowd to do so as well. Thus, despite Montville’s loss, it was evident that “the energy was there” both before and during the game, according to Head Coach Derek Lynn.

The two teams were neck and neck throughout the whole game, even up to the final seconds of the fourth quarter where Montville’s Isabella Vito shot a buzzer-beater three-pointer to tie the game with a score of 36-36. Thus, they battled in overtime as they tied the score once again 38-38 with 50 seconds left, but Chatham came out victorious in the end.

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“They were a really good team, and we didn’t come out as strong as we should’ve been,” Montville's co-captain Amanda Gorski said.

“I think our defense was good, but I think we were struggling with our offensive execution,” Lynn added. “But I was happy with the effort.”

Co-captain Jordan Strickland was the highest point-scorer with 13 points, followed by Daniela Campbell and Emma Wax, who each recorded nine points for Montville.

Chatham’s Veronica Kelly scored the most in the game with 15 points, contributing five foul shots in overtime, which helped them earn the lead. Chloe Blanc and Hannah Kelly also netted nine and eight points respectively.

Undaunted by the outcome, Lynn stated, “In the end, basketball is just a game. That’s all it really is.”

Montville’s next home game is on Jan. 25 against Morris Catholic High School.