MONTVILLE, NJ – The Montville Township Public Schools Board of Education met on July 17 and discussed the attainment of their ’17-’18 school year goals and the state of the construction in the schools set up by the referendum passed in September of 2017.

Superintendent of Schools René Rovtar reported that the five district goals had been largely attained. They included:

  • The passing of and progress on a referendum to perform construction projects on schools across the district. Some of the construction will happen next summer, but “largely we are in the construction phase,” Rovtar said.
  • After it was determined that it would not be worth the cost and disruption to change the schedule at the high school, Rovtar announced that mindfulness training would be embarked upon in the district. At the July 17 meeting she stated the mindfulness plan is moving forward with some additional training.
  • Rovtar said the Gifted & Talented program had largely been implemented and the evaluation of it would be shared with the board later.
  • Regarding the math achievement goal, Assistant Superintendent Casey Shorter will be discussing this at his State of the District presentation after PARCC (state) testing scores are received by the district in August, Rovtar said.

Both the township committee and the board of education held their meetings on the same evening. The public hearing and final adoption of the school resource officer and special law enforcement officer III was passed by the township committee at its meeting with no public comments. Rovtar said she was “very excited about this,” and that the board’s passing of their resolution would formalize the process and would “allow that staff to be in place [come September].” Board President Charles Grau thanked the board members who participated in the process.

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Referendum Construction

Updating the board on the referendum construction projects, Business Administrator Katine Slunt said the brick work and roof work at the high school is almost completed. The metal flashing just needs to be finished. The bathroom renovations are underway, such as in the rotunda, or front portion of the high school. Ductwork and electrical wiring is being mounted in the large gymnasium for HVAC, and then painting will begin. Beams are being installed so that air conditioning units can be mounted on the roof, and in-classroom air conditioning units are being hooked into a system to be controlled together electronically.

At Lazar, a portion of the roof is being replaced and is at 50% completion. The bathrooms are being renovated. The old tile is being sanded, repainted and reinstalled to save money. The gymnasium wall crumbled when it was pulled down, so it needed to be completely redone with gypsum. The media center is also being renovated with a new circulation desk and small group areas. It will serve as an overflow lunch area as grade-level lunches will be held, Slunt said. The area will resemble a Starbucks, with laminate wood flooring, tables and chairs. Rooms that don’t have air conditioning in William Mason, Cedar Hill and Lazar will have air conditioning installed.

Cedar Hill’s bathrooms are undergoing renovation, and ceiling tile in the gym is being removed and the beams will be painted black. The media center is also undergoing renovation.

William Mason is receiving a partial roof renovation, gymnasium renovation, and bathroom renovations. The media center is also being renovated.

Delays will occur as the high school gym bleachers will not arrive until the end of August and the floor finishing will occur after the bleachers are installed.

New Goals

At its June meeting, the board discussed the following goals, and at the July 17 meeting, voted to accept as their goals:

Goal 1: The board will support the administrative team as they manage the referendum construction to occur during the 2018-2019 school year and the preparation of the projects for construction during the summer of 2019.

Goal 2: Curriculum revision, as needed, to ensure compliance with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, will be led by the assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction and the supervisors, in preparation for QSAC monitoring during the 2018-2019 school year. Staff development in 2018-2019 will be focused on those areas identified through the ESSA Grant Application Needs Assessment.

Goal 3: The board will expand its celebration of student achievement and accomplishments through presentations at board meetings and via the dissemination of information through the district website and social media.

Goal 4: The board will work diligently to successfully negotiate contracts with the MTEA, MTAA and MTSIA for the period July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021. Board member Karen Cortellino said a mediator has been hired to help with the process, which is a typical part of the process.


Rovtar said the governor had referenced in a speech changing PARCC to only one high school grade but no concrete changes had been made yet.

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