MONTVILLE, NJ - Dan Grant announced that he has returned to the position of Democratic Municipal Chair of Montville Township after 20 plus years. Grant previously spent 15 years and won five terms as a member of the Montville Township Committee.

"We have had good Municipal Chairs working in a very tough environment for those years but it is my hope that we can rebuild an organization so that what happened this year -- no Democratic Candidate on the local ballot -- doesn't happen again," Grant said.

“We do have a local interest election, however, in Montville Township resident Mitchell Horn, who is running for Morris County Freeholder," Grant stated.

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"Montville Township has over 2,000 registered Democrats, and what we need is for people to get active this year -- and stay active. This all-Republican Township Committee should not go unchallenged again," he said.

Grant can be reached at